What If…? Episode 8 Asks 9 Big Questions About Ultron & The Watcher

Warning: Comprises SPOILERS for Marvel’s What If…? episode 8.

Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 pits an Infinity Stone-powered Ultron in opposition to the Watcher himself, posing some fascinating questions on them, the MCU multiverse, and extra. What If…? season 1 is barely 9 episodes lengthy, and episode 8 teases an enormous finale with some enjoyable crossovers between the beforehand proven MCU realities. However to ensure that the multiverse to outlive, Ultron will should be defeated – a process that appears to be extremely difficult.

In the beginning of What If…? episode 8, the Watcher reveals a world by which Ultron efficiently bought in Imaginative and prescient’s physique, resulting in his defeat of the Avengers and subsequent conquest of your entire planet. Ultron is then confronted by a model of Thanos wielding the 5 different Infinity Stones, who he dispatches with stunning pace and brutality. With the mixed energy of all six Infinity Stones, Ultron erases most life within the universe, then goes a step additional – discovering the presence of the Watcher himself and increasing his rampage to different realities of the multiverse. By the tip of What If…? episode 8, the Watcher breaks his oath to not intervene within the affairs of others and strikes a take care of the evil Physician Unusual from What If…? episode 4.

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The sheer energy of Ultron with the Infinity Stones is on an entire different stage from any characters beforehand seen within the MCU, together with Thanos himself. His duel with the Watcher and the next menace to existence itself additionally conjures some fascinating theories concerning the true nature and steadiness of energy of the MCU. Listed here are the most important unanswered questions from Marvel’s What If…? episode 8.

Is Ultron Truly Stronger Than Thanos?


After conquering Earth, Ultron makes quick work of Thanos in What If…? episode 8. The Mad Titan holds 5 of the Infinity Stones throughout the confrontation, in comparison with Ultron’s one, however he nonetheless has no response to the AI’s assault, being shortly cut up in two by a blast from the Thoughts Stone. Given how highly effective and crafty Thanos has been proven to be within the MCU – even surviving blows from Thor’s magical Asgardian weapons – his sudden loss of life is greater than somewhat stunning. It might appear to counsel that Ultron is just the extra highly effective villain, however is that basically the case, or did he merely catch Thanos unawares?

Is The Thoughts Stone The Most Highly effective Infinity Stone?

Vision and the Mind Stone

Among the best explanations of how Ultron is ready to defeat Thanos so shortly is that the Thoughts Stone is stronger than the opposite Infinity Stones. The occasions of flicks like Guardians of the Galaxy and Physician Unusual – which characteristic different Stones prominently – problem that principle considerably, however it’s arduous to argue with a laser blast that cuts Thanos himself in half earlier than he even has an opportunity to talk. One clarification is that the Thoughts Stone isn’t truly stronger, bur slightly that Ultron simply has higher management over it as its a part of his core essence. Both manner, plainly the Thoughts Stone is much more formidable than beforehand thought.

Why Is The Watcher So Shocked By Ultron?

Ultron and The Watcher in What If Episode 8

In What If…? episode 8, the Watcher himself says that he can see each factor that has ever occurred, and all the things that may ever occur. So then, how is it that Ultron’s rise to energy is so stunning to him? There’s nothing about Ultron that might point out he exists past the abnormal aircraft of existence within the MCU, and if the multiverse is actually infinite, there have to be many realities by which he acquired the Infinity Stones – all of which the Watcher would have seen. The What If…? season 1 finale could provide some clarification, however proper now, it’s arduous to not see the Watcher’s shock as something apart from a plot gap.

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How Did Black Widow And Hawkeye Survive Ultron?

Black Widow and Hawkeye in What If

After Ultron conquers Earth and strikes onto different worlds in What If…? episode 8, his drones nonetheless should take care of two survivors – Black Widow and Hawkeye. However how did these two, of all of the Avengers, make it out alive? The truth that they’re working alone implies no different MCU heroes made it previous Ultron’s nuclear strike. However how might they’ve survived with no superpowers when the likes of Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor clearly didn’t? It’s attainable they have been capable of take shelter in some type of secret S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker, however why wouldn’t they then even have tried to avoid wasting their buddies? None of it fairly provides up.

Why Does Hawkeye Have A Robotic Arm In What If…?

Hawkeye in What If

Although Hawkeye survives Ultron’s preliminary rampage throughout the Earth in What If…? episode 8, it’s not with no few scars. That’s to say, Hawkeye has a robotic arm within the episode, suggesting that he was severely wounded within the battle in opposition to Ultron. What If…? doesn’t provide any clarification on why precisely Hawkeye has a robotic arm, however it’s doubtless that his damage occurred throughout his actuality’s model of the Battle of Sokovia.

How Does Ultron Journey The Multiverse In What If…?

Ultron cape in What If

Maybe the most important query left hanging by Marvel’s What If…? episode 8 is how Ultron is ready to traverse the multiverse. He possesses all six stones, which grant him unimaginable energy, however not more than Thanos had on the finish of Infinity Battle. Against this, Thanos by no means confirmed any indicators of heightened dimensional consciousness or the flexibility to transcend universes. It’s attainable that Ultron acquires the facility after wielding the Infinity Stones for an prolonged period of time – one thing Thanos by no means did – however What If…? episode 8 doesn’t verify that principle.

Who Did The Watcher Swear His Oath To?

What If episode 4 the Watcher talking to Doctor Strange

The Watcher makes a number of references to his oath of noninterference in What If…? episode 8 – one thing that’s clearly crucial to him. In the long run he breaks the oath and fights Ultron personally, and the present doesn’t elaborate on what penalties which may have for the character. It might assist if the MCU revealed who precisely the Watcher swore his oath to, however it doesn’t. The Watcher of the comics, named Uatu, is only one of a complete alien species, all of whom dwell by a code of noninterference. That could possibly be true within the MCU as nicely, however for now, the Watcher’s backstory stays a thriller.

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What Occurred To The Different Infinity Stones?

Ultron and Infinity Stones in Loki

Of their duel, Ultron overpowers the Watcher fairly simply, largely due to the six Infinity Stones at his disposal. However why doesn’t the Watcher use some Infinity Stones of his personal? Every actuality of the MCU multiverse has a set of its personal, and it needs to be straightforward for the Watcher to accumulate some within the curiosity of stopping Ultron’s reign of terror. It is sensible why he didn’t have them available at the beginning of the struggle, as he was unprepared for Ultron to seek out him, however now that the Watcher has a second to catch his breath, it may be in his greatest curiosity to hunt out his personal set of Infinity Stones for the rematch.

How Will The Watcher Defeat Ultron?

the watcher shocked by Ultrons MCU return what if

With or with out Infinity Stones, the Watcher can have his work reduce out for him attempting to defeat Ultron. He’s already made a strong ally in What If…?’s evil Physician Unusual, and Black Widow continues to be engaged on her AI takeover plan with HYDRA’s Arnim Zola, however with a lot energy and such an enormous military at his disposal, it would doubtless take greater than that to carry Infinity Stone Ultron down. The promos for the tip of What If…? season 1 have teased an excellent greater team-up between the multiverse’s biggest heroes, and if that really occurs, it needs to be an thrilling finale to the reveals first chapter.

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Marvel’s What If…? releases new episodes Wednesdays on Disney+.

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