The 10 Best Horror Movie Premises From The 2000s

Each good horror film wants a juicy premise to hook in audiences and generate scares. Some premises, like George A. Romero’s Night time of the Dwelling Lifeless and John Carpenter’s Halloween, are so nice that they develop into whole subgenres of horror.

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The horror films of the 2000s had been a blended bag. The Noticed and Hostel franchises made “torture porn” the horror development of the last decade. However the ‘00s introduced such robust horror premises as a found-footage kaiju film and a carsploitation slasher a few murderous stunt driver.

10 The Strangers (2008)

In Bryan Bertino’s The Strangers, a younger couple’s journey to a trip dwelling in the course of nowhere is interrupted by a trio of masked criminals who break in. The script was impressed by a handful of eerie real-life occasions.

The house invasion thriller is nothing new, however this explicit situation is hauntingly believable. The revelation that the couple is being terrorized merely “since you had been dwelling” makes The Strangers uniquely unsettling – simply being at dwelling may get somebody killed.

9 Drag Me To Hell (2009)

Sam Raimi returned to the horror style after finishing his Spider-Man trilogy with the delightfully high-concept supernatural thriller Drag Me to Hell. Alison Lohman stars as a mortgage officer who finds herself cursed after denying a mortgage extension to a mysterious older girl.

The deceptively simplistic setup was the right automobile for Raimi’s gonzo, gross-out imaginative and prescient of horror. Drag Me to Hell isn’t as groundbreaking as The Evil Lifeless, nevertheless it’s a fiercely efficient paranormal horror gem with a doozy of a last twist.


8 Noticed (2004)

Cary Elwes in Saw

“I wish to play a recreation.” James Wan’s Noticed could have impressed the slew of “torture porn” films that marred 2000s horror cinema, however the authentic film is a pointy, twisty thriller with minimal on-screen gore. The great thing about the premise is its simplicity: two strangers get up chained to a grimy toilet and have to determine who put them there and what they need.

The grisly subject material pushes the boundaries of the style, however the thriller narrative is partaking and well-written, constructing to a genuinely stunning twist reveal.

7 Cloverfield (2008)

After the success of The Blair Witch Undertaking, “discovered footage” turned a subgenre of horror cinema that might be intense and interesting within the palms of nice filmmakers, however painfully uninteresting within the palms of lazy filmmakers. Within the palms of Matt Reeves, Cloverfield is an instance of the previous.

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Somewhat than specializing in a mystical investigation like numerous different found-footage films, Cloverfield is a found-footage tackle a kaiju film during which a video of a going-away celebration turns into a chronicle of an enormous monster’s assault on New York Metropolis.

6 Ichi The Killer (2001)

Ichi the Killer - Japanese crime horror

From Audition director Takashi Miike, Ichi the Killer follows a sadistic yakuza enforcer looking for his lacking boss. Alongside the way in which, he encounters a psychotic assassin who could also be able to inflicting ranges of bodily agony that he’s solely dreamed of.

This film is wildly controversial for its merciless, violent content material, however its thought-provoking premise makes it a self-aware examine of sadomasochism versus an ordinary horror film basking in it.

5 Open Water (2003)

Open Water

Primarily based on true occasions, Open Water follows a younger couple who get left behind on a scuba diving journey in shark-infested waters, because of an inaccurate headcount.

Within the wake of Jaws’ blockbuster success, there have been a bunch of by-product shark thrillers. By taking inspiration from actual occasions – and the habits of actual sharks – Open Water gives a subversively reasonable tackle a shark thriller. The sharks don’t assault straight away; they ominously circle the protagonists for hours, sometimes taking little nips out of them.

4 Shaun Of The Lifeless (2004)

Shaun & Ed talk to each other with a zombie in the background in Shaun of the Dead.

Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Lifeless is primarily a spoof of zombie films, nevertheless it additionally holds up as one of many style’s best entries. The script masterfully transplants the traditional Romero zombie film construction right into a suburban British setting to make a well-worn components really feel contemporary.

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Wright instructed The Guardian how he pitched the concept to his stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost: “We should always make our personal zombie film, a horror-comedy. It will be from the viewpoint of two bit-players, two idiots who had been the final to know what was occurring, after waking up hungover on a Sunday morning.”

3 Closing Vacation spot (2000)

Alex panics and tries to leave the plane in Final Destination

At the start of Closing Vacation spot, a excessive schooler has a premonition of his airplane crashing and will get off the airplane together with a handful of freaked-out classmates. When the airplane crashes, they assume they’ve escaped loss of life – however then they begin being picked off by the Grim Reaper.

Youngsters being killed one after the other is a reasonably normal setup for a slasher, however the truth that the villain is Dying itself makes Closing Vacation spot a completely distinctive tackle the style.

2 Dying Proof (2007)

Quentin Tarantino’s half of the double-feature Grindhouse, Dying Proof, stars Kurt Russell as a sadistic stunt driver who makes use of his “death-proof” stunt automotive to kill younger ladies in grotesque automotive wrecks.

Whereas it’s typically thought-about to be considered one of Tarantino’s weakest movies, Dying Proof’s premise is the right intersection between a automotive chase film and a slasher film: The Texas Chain Noticed Bloodbath meets Gone in 60 Seconds.

1 The Descent (2005)

A night vision camera showing a girl and a ghoul in The Descent

Neil Marshall’s The Descent begins with a bunch of buddies on an expedition of some uncharted caves who get caught in a cave-in. Then, they uncover a race of super-strong cave-dwelling mutants that wish to mutilate and devour them.

The great thing about this premise is {that a} cave-in is terrifying sufficient – the protagonists are trapped underground with no hope of ever being saved – and that’s earlier than the bloodthirsty monsters present up.

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