Sweet Tooth Season 2 Promises To Deliver On S1’s Hybrid Ending

Netflix’s Candy Tooth concluded season 1 with a hopeful hybrid meetup, and season 2 guarantees to ship on the finale’s shocking ending.

Netflix’s Candy Tooth season 1 concludes with a hopeful hybrid meetup, and season 2 guarantees to ship on that shocking ending. Gus’ (Christian Convery) life utterly modifications within the Candy Tooth season 1 finale. In the course of the episode, the Final Males seize Gus, bringing the half-deer and half-human hybrid earlier than Dr. Singh (Adeel Akhtar). Singh is meant to dissect Gus and use him to assist create a remedy for the H5G9 virus that is ravaged the globe; nevertheless, he hears Gus communicate and spares his life in the meanwhile. So the Final Males take Gus to a cage, the place he learns he is not alone. Time and time once more, Gus has been an outsider amongst people, however now he is surrounded by different captured part-human hybrids. Regardless of being caged, Gus’ new hybrid pals carry a hopeful be aware to the season 1 ending.

After all, season 1 additionally delivers one other twist. All through Candy Tooth‘s first season, Gus searches for a girl named Birdie (Amy Seimetz), who he believes is his mom. And he meets two new pals alongside the best way, Massive Man (Nonso Anozie) and Bear (Stefania LaVie Owen), who assist him in his search. Regardless of Birdie probably being lifeless, they associate with Gus anyway. Nonetheless, the ultimate few moments of the Candy Tooth finale reveal Birdie is alive and taking refuge in an Alaskan U.S. Military facility. Bear even makes contact along with her.

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Now, it appears Candy Tooth will ship on its remaining hybrid moments from season 1. Gus actor Christian Convery lately appeared for Candy Tooth at DC FanDome (through YouTube), answering questions and giving updates for the brand new season. Within the DC FanDome video, Convery mentions hybrids a number of instances, saying he “can not wait” for followers to see what comes subsequent. “Prepare for extra banter, hybrids, and sweet to final you a lifetime,” Convery mentioned. Although the actor was scant on particulars about Candy Tooth‘s new season, saying folks should “watch season 2 to seek out out” what occurs, the looks bodes effectively for followers of hybrids.

Sweet Tooth Gus Hybrid Babies

It appears hybrids will come extra into focus in Candy Tooth. Convery’s frequent mentions of hybrids at DC FanDome point out that the part-animal creatures will likely be an much more vital a part of season 2. In that case, that matches completely with the season 1 finale. Given the finale scene displaying Gus and the hybrids lastly uniting collectively, focusing extra on hybrids looks like a pure development for the Netflix present. Whereas season 1 targeted extra on how people are coping with the post-apocalyptic world, it’d make sense for season 2 to carry extra consideration to their hybrid counterparts.

If season 2 is extra hybrid-focused, that will additionally ship on the season 1 twist with Birdie. Although Birdie could not really be Gus’ mom, her work as a geneticist is straight chargeable for his creation. Sadly, Candy Tooth nonetheless hasn’t revealed the precise connection between the hybrids and the virus that has devastated the globe. Nonetheless, the origins of the hybrids could shed some mild on issues. In keeping with Birdie, they’re “two sides of the identical coin.” So the tales will probably go hand in hand in season 2.

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