Scarlet Witch Was Killed by Magneto’s Clone

It is attainable the Scarlet Witch was murdered by Magneto‘s insane clone Joseph. The X-Males supposed their Hellfire Gala to be the launch of a brand new period of mutantkind, with the Terraforming of Mars because the spotlight. However the morning after the Gala, they have been horrified to come across a physique left exterior. Somebody had murdered Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, and left her to be discovered.

Magneto was distraught. For years he believed Wanda to be his daughter, and he got here to like her in his personal imperfect means. He was the one who invited Scarlet Witch to the Hellfire Gala within the first place – the lady hated by the mutants, handled by many as a kind of “satan” determine due to her position in decimating the mutant inhabitants years in the past. He had supposed for it to be a possibility for reconciliation, and certainly earlier than her dying Magneto and Scarlet Witch had reconciled in a touching means. However now it had all gone badly incorrect, with the lady he would like to in the future think about a daughter once more taken from him.

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Making issues worse, Magneto has discovered himself the prime suspect – as detailed within the ongoing Trial of Magneto miniseries. Nevertheless it’s attainable he’s harmless of the crime – and that it was executed by his insane clone as a substitute.

All of the Indicators Level to Dying From Magnetism

The Scarlet Witch is likely one of the strongest beings on Earth, a sorceress with the facility to govern actuality itself. And but, regardless of that being the case, there isn’t any signal she ever used her energy in her personal protection; as a substitute, when she was confronted by her killer, she merely tried to flee. That means Wanda was killed by somebody she believed even she couldn’t defeat, and it is simple to know why the X-Males consider Magneto to be the prime candidate. He’s an Omega degree mutant, outlined as somebody “whose dominant energy is deemed to register — or attain — an undefinable higher restrict of that energy’s particular classification.” What’s extra, the historic relationship between Scarlet Witch and Magneto – one by which he terrified her lengthy earlier than he ever got here to consider she was his daughter – means Wanda would naturally be afraid of him ought to she see his powers flaring round her.

In line with Rachel Gray’s chronoskimming, Scarlet Witch briefly managed to free herself from her enemy and made a break for freedom. She was grabbed from behind, her palms trapped so she couldn’t summon her typical Hex Magic, and one other object was used to throttle her. Wanda did not go quietly, her fingers tearing at no matter held her with such fierceness that she ripped her personal fingernails out. X-Issue has analyzed the blood, figuring out inorganic particles round her throat and palms, and so they’ve concluded the reason for dying was, “strangulation, by the use of supernatural magnetization.” Magneto actually does appear to be the prime suspect – and but, that appears out of character for a person who had been in search of reconciliation, and he’s clearly devastated by her dying.

The X-Males Comics Are Fascinated By Clones Proper Now

It is no exaggeration to say Jonathan Hickman’s X-Males relaunch has been obsessive about clones. Partly that is as a result of the X-Males have embraced cloning to an unprecedented diploma, making them a core a part of their conquest of dying. Xavier has realized synergize mutant powers with Cerebro know-how in an effort to quickly create clones of deceased mutants and implant copies of their consciousnesses inside them. This course of has naturally led to some fairly intense philosophical questions of id, which Nightcrawler specifically has wrestled with.

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However the X-Males’s curiosity in cloning goes past that. Hellions‘ first arc centered on Madelyne Pryor, the insane clone of Jean Gray created way back by Mr. Sinister who was subsequently denied resurrection by Krakoa’s ruling Quiet Council. The story has steadily revealed Mr. Sinister’s makes an attempt to bypass Krakoa’s guidelines, as he seeks to create a brand new technology of clones often known as Chimaeras. In the meantime, New Mutants has additionally wrestled with the query of clone id, with Gabby – the younger clone of Laura Kinney’s Wolverine – mulling over the query of whether or not or not she could be resurrected if she have been ever killed. She was murdered by the Shadow King, and fortuitously, the X-Males have rebelled towards Charles Xavier’s needs and decided to convey her again from the lifeless regardless. Given the present significance of clones to the X-Males franchise, then, it’s solely attainable Scarlet Witch’s homicide has been executed by a clone.

Scarlet Witch Might Have Been Killed By Magneto’s Clone

Because it occurs, Magneto has a clone of his personal, Joseph. He was initially an ally of the X-Males, even pursuing a relationship with Rogue, however he was pushed insane when he realized he wasn’t the actual deal. Joseph has since turn into a terrifying menace for the X-Males, a villain who possesses all of Magneto’s energy however does not actually have any constant ideology. It is true he was believed killed by Kwannon, however these are superhero comics, and dying is one thing of a revolving door.

Joseph would tick all of the containers for a suspect in Scarlet Witch’s homicide. He possesses Magneto’s powers, which implies he might have restrained Wanda in precisely the style recognized by X-Issue. What’s extra, he might even have set himself as much as seem like Magneto, shaking Wanda’s nerve a lot her first intuition was to run quite than defend herself. There could be a heartbreaking irony to this, in that Wanda would have been killed by somebody sporting the face of the person she had solely simply reconciled with – and the emotional cocktail created by these unusual circumstances would clarify why her powers have been by no means used, till it was too late.

After all, if this idea is right, the one remaining query is simply why Joseph would goal Scarlet Witch; it is fairly attainable he’s another person’s pawn, as a result of he is by no means been solely steady. If Joseph is certainly accountable, then little question future problems with The Trial of Magneto will clarify why he did the deed.

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