Jake Gyllenhaal Recalls Filming Love Scene With Jennifer Aniston, And Using A Pillow To Separate Them

Most Hollywood stars will inform viewers there’s extra technicality concerned in doing love scenes, moderately than them merely being sensual and romantic moments. Typically these love scenes can get difficult when there’s an attraction between co-stars, and the attraction might be one-sided in some instances. That’s what occurred with Jake Gyllenhaal whereas taking pictures The Good Woman with Jennifer Aniston. Gyllenhaal recalled a pillow being utilized in a love scene between him and Aniston.

In fact, any man from Jake Gyllenhaal to the man on the nook had a crush on Rachel from Pals. That crush on Jennifer Aniston led to some parameters for her and Gyllenhaal’s intimate scene in The Good Woman. Considering again on his expertise taking pictures the indie drama, the Oscar nominee revealed how a sure precaution was taken for the intimate scene:

I do keep in mind a pillow. Yeah, the pillow method was used. That was simply preemptive, and used — typically, at all times — when really in a horizontal place in that film. Every little thing else is no matter it was. I keep in mind these two characters did loads of making out on like, packing containers within the again room.

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