Flash Villains Killed Teammate Breaking Rules

The Flash’s Rogues are identified for his or her guidelines and excessive requirements and in Blackest Evening, they kill certainly one of their very own when he breaks an unstated rule.

Throughout Blackest Evening, the Flash‘s Rogues kill certainly one of their members when he breaks certainly one of their cardinal guidelines. Though the Scarlet Speedster has his personal reoccurring villains like many heroes within the DC universe, the Rogues set themselves aside from different villains by usually working collectively and working beneath a strict code of honor that they count on all members to comply with. When Blackest Evening introduced again deceased members of the Rogues, the villains lead by Captain Chilly fought for his or her lives and imposed a last verdict on Captain Boomerang when he did one thing unforgivable.

First forming a bunch in Flash #130, the Rogues initially consisted of Captain Chilly, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Grasp, the Trickster, and the Prime. Whereas sharing a dislike for speedsters just like the Flash, the Rogues adopted a strict algorithm that embrace excessive requirements for acceptance, no killing until completely crucial, not inheriting one other Rogue’s legacy, and no drug use to call a number of. Apart from being frequent escapees from Iron Heights Penitentiary, the Rogues additionally had their very own non-public cemetery with statues commemorating fallen Rogues, a website that was disturbed throughout 2008’s Blackest Evening. Many former Rogues have been resurrected as Black Lanterns, entities that used their host’s powers and recollections to stir feelings inside their victims in an effort to eradicate all emotion and life throughout the universe, particularly concentrating on DC’s Earth.

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In Blackest Evening #1-3 by Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins, the Rogues knowingly stroll right into a battle at Iron Heights with the unique Trickster, Prime, Mirror Grasp, Golden Glider, Rainbow Raider, and Captain Boomerang. Whereas the present Rogues battle to battle the relentless Black Lanterns, Captain Boomerang is saved by his son Owen Mercer who took on his legacy after his dying in 2004’s Id Disaster. Whereas Barry Allen and his fellow speedsters battle a Black Lantern Reverse Flash, Captain Chilly and the Rogues study that Owen has been luring civilians right into a pit the place they have been killed by Digger, believing that his father may return to life with sufficient lives consumed.

Owen Mercer tried to seek out his personal means whereas additionally honoring the unique Captain Boomerang’s legacy, having achieved being a hero, anti-hero, and villain who had been accepted into the Rogues. Regardless of his achievements, Owen sought his father’s steerage, seeing the resurrected Digger Harkness as a second likelihood to seek out the steadiness he desperately craved. This need allowed him to be manipulated by the Black Lantern who satisfied him that with the extra individuals he killed, he would turn into an increasing number of human. This not solely violates the Rogues rule about killing however Owen’s crimes turned unforgivable after they study his victims included girls and kids. “Owen. Rogues do not kill girls and kids“, decrees Captain Chilly earlier than he pushes Owen in, not contemplating the younger man worthy of being a Rogue.

The Rogues watch as Owen pleas to his father go unheard as he’s killed, Digger’s bloody arm protruding by Owen’s chest to whimsically clutch their namesake, a boomerang. As Owen returns as a Black Lantern, Captain Chilly applies what they’ve realized and immobilizes each Captain Boomerangs in ice earlier than the Rogues stroll away, one member much less. Though Digger would return to life on the finish of Blackest Evening, Owen remained lifeless, his dying appearing as an unstated reminder of what occurs if you cross the Flash‘s Rogues, particularly if you break their guidelines.

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