Every Metroid Dread Enemy Confirmed (So Far)

Metroid Dread takes Samus Aran to the planet ZDR to analyze rumors of Parasite X’s survival, the place she’s going to encounter all kinds of enemies.

Samus Aran, bounty hunter famend all through the galaxy, is lastly returning within the long-awaited Metroid Dread, and each confirmed enemy thus far reveals an excellent deal about its bestiary. This fifth entry within the mainline Metroid sequence comes almost 20 years after its predecessor, Metroid Fusion, and has had an aggressive advertising marketing campaign ever because it was revealed. This newest journey sends Samus to a planet known as ZDR, the place she’s going to encounter all kinds of enemies.

Rumors have reached the Galactic Federation that the damaging X Parasite, regarded as pushed into extinction on the finish of Fusion, survives on ZDR. The Federation dispatched its Extraplanetary Multiform Cellular Identifiers to analyze the X sightings, however the robots have since gone darkish. Seeking to comply with up on her exploits from Fusion, Samus travels to ZDR to hopefully rid the galaxy of X as soon as and for all.

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Nintendo has detailed a few of Metroid Dread‘s areas in its newest Metroid Dread Report, the eighth quantity subtitled Surveying Planet ZDR. This report contains some particulars on the enemies Samus will encounter on the planet, robots and creatures alike. Beneath is an inventory of each enemy confirmed for Metroid Dread together with a brief description, together with bosses and mini-bosses proven in earlier trailers and detailed in earlier promotional materials.

Enemies Confirmed For Metroid Dread So Far

Kraid returns as a boss in Metroid Dread

A few of the extra highly effective bosses and mini-bosses that gamers will encounter in Metroid Dread:

  • Chozo – members of the scattered Chozo race are on ZDR for unknown causes, together with Metroid Dread’s Chozo Common, who seems to be a most important villain.
  • E.M.M.I.s – Extraplanetary Multiform Cellular Identifier robots despatched by the Galactic Federation to analyze rumors of surviving X Parasites.
  • Central Models – AI entities that management numerous features on ZDR, together with E.M.M.I. zones.
  • Corpious – Two-armed creature with lengthy, scorpion-like tail that may function one in every of Dread‘s boss fights.
  • Kraid – An enormous beast that Samus has fought earlier than, together with throughout the authentic Metroid.
  • X Parasite – An especially harmful organism that assimilates different lifeforms, Metroids had been created by the Chozo in an try to eradicate X.

The planet ZDR in Metroid Dread can also be residence to many different harmful creatures, each natural and artificial:

  • Armadigger – A quadrupedal creature native to ZDR, lowers its head and costs Samus.
  • Autclast – Robots which assault by slamming the bottom, believed to have been created by the Chozo.
  • Autsharp – Robots that make the most of a spinning blade of vitality to assault Samus.
  • Autsniper – Makes use of a laser to assault its prey from many vantage factors.
  • Batalloon – Lives underwater, assaults Samus if she comes too close to.
  • Dizzean – Akin to a jellyfish, the Dizzean’s biggest energy lies in numbers.
  • Hecathon – An historic creature which won’t assault until disturbed whereas flying round ZDR.
  • Klaida – The quadrupedal Klaida just isn’t aggressive, however will hurt something that touches it.
  • Muzby – Evolving at nighttime, the Muzby doesn’t have a face, however is resilient.
  • Obsydomithon – Resembles ore deposits and adjustments its kind when engaged in battle.
  • Ply – Flying creatures which generally journey in flocks, and makes use of its tail to assault.
  • Quetzoa – An extremely quick, flying creature that may cost at Samus when she’s in vary.
  • Slaaga – Shoots acid, which it shops inside its again, at enemies with nice precision.
  • Vulkran – Clings to all surfaces and shoots magma when Samus attracts shut.
  • Yampa – Assaults by opening a big jaw on its underbelly and charging.

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