DC’s ‘Wayne Family Adventures’ Webtoons Finally Get Batman’s Son Right

DC and Webtoons’ Wayne Household Adventures lastly will get Damian Wayne proper – and hopefully DC Comics will quickly comply with the Batman webcomic’s lead.

DC Comics’ Wayne Household Adventures lastly will get Batman‘s son, Damian Wayne, proper. The most recent Robin, Damian is not like any of his predecessors. Dick Grayson and Jason Todd had been Gotham Metropolis orphans who had been adopted by Bruce Wayne, however Damian is definitely his son. He was conceived throughout Batman’s transient fling with Talia al Ghul, however when the affair was over, Bruce had no thought his lover was pregnant. He realized the reality years later, when Damian entered his life, a youth who had been introduced up within the League of Assassins. This Robin is deadlier than even Ra’s al Ghul.

Now, DC Comics has entered a partnership with Webtoons for a standalone webcomic, Wayne Household Adventures. DC hopes the free comics will introduce an entire new vary of readers to their legendary characters, and the primary is bound to be successful – focusing extra on the Bat-family dynamics than on their battle towards crime. The primary three chapters are presently accessible; the primary is an pleasant story through which a brand new recruit enters Wayne Manor, the second showcases an entertaining new ritual, and the third focuses on Barbara Gordon’s Oracle. However essentially the most fascinating side of the Webtoons comedian as an entire is the way it handles Damian Wayne.

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Talia al Ghul is usually drawn as an Asian character, however when Damian was first launched, he was given the identical pores and skin colour as his father. Because the years have handed, comedian ebook artists have frequently up to date the design, regularly emphasizing Damian’s Asian heritage. However the Webtoons sequence goes even additional, giving Damian a extra distinctively Asian look than ever earlier than. It is a welcome step ahead for the character.

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DC Comics has usually been accused of whitewashing Damian Wayne as a result of, visually, he is appeared extra like a Bruce Wayne clone than a young person of combined heritage. Fan artists on-line have usually understood and portrayed Damian extra realistically, however now DC is selecting to additionally redefine him visually within the webtoon they hope will introduce a brand new era of readers to the Bat-Household. Hopefully, it marks a change of their illustration of Damian Wayne, and future Batman comics will comply with the webcomic’s lead.

That is not the solely factor Wayne Household Adventures will get proper about Damian Wayne both; the tales seize his character completely, portraying him as an smug and cocky teenager who considers himself superior to all different Robins and who cannot resist rubbing it in. The one member of the Bat-Household Robin really believes to be higher than him is his father, and that too could be seen within the webcomics. It is thrilling and refreshing to lastly see Batman‘s son rendered so nicely.

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