Breath of the Wild Lynel Hit Player So Hard They Got Stuck Underground

Whereas combating one of many Lynel mini-bosses in Breath of the Wild, one participant acquired hit so laborious that they discovered themselves caught underground.

Throughout a mini-boss battle with one of many Lynel creatures that roam round The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, one participant took a blow that knocked them deep underground. As fearsome Centaur-like beasts, Breath of the Wild’s Lynel enemies are recognized to be fairly formidable in fight.

These creatures have appeared in a number of Legend of Zelda titles previously, counting amongst Hyrule’s most historical denizens. In BOTW, the Lynels fight prowess usually sees them summoning fireballs, firing off arrows, and utilizing an enormous array of different skills that ensures they continue to be tough to nail down. Their resistance to elemental results make all of them the extra highly effective within the throes of battle. However these maned centaur-adjacent heavies do not survive on brute pressure alone; Lynels possesses mental qualities as properly. Thus, all who imply to take them on in Breath of the Wild’s open world higher come ready.

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Reddit person Nerosiwel appeared ready moments earlier than leaping into battle with a white-maned Lynel wielding a large, ornate membership. Their well being full and armor prepped, the participant appeared to enter the match confidently. Sadly, they did not stay on the sector for very lengthy. Inside seconds of the person moving into place, the Lynel attacked, the membership held excessive above its head for a bashing that Nerosiwel will not quickly overlook. The participant took greater than harm when the blow struck; they have been additionally thrown deep underground and right into a watery grave. To make issues worse, blasts of lightning from above stored Nerosiwel dodging assaults even whereas attempting to swim to security. Somebody’s been consuming their Wheaties it appears. See the short-lived Lynel battle featured within the following clip:

Once more, the Lynels in BOTW usually show themselves to be the stuff of nightmares. One other Reddit video from this previous summer time confirmed one of many beasties sneak attacking poor Hyperlink, letting free a blow so fierce, so mighty that the participant was immediately met with a “Recreation Over” display.

Who can say for positive what the creatures might have up their sleeve ought to they seem in Breath of the Wild 2? Nintendo introduced the sequel just a few months in the past throughout E3 2021; nevertheless, treasured little in regards to the eagerly-awaited title has surfaced since then.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is offered to play now on Nintendo Swap.

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