Avengers Living Inside A Celestial’s Corpse is Finally Called Out By Marvel

In Marvel Comics’ Eternals: Celestia #1, the Everlasting speaker Ajak shouldn’t be blissful that the Avengers’ present base is contained in the physique of a lifeless Celestial.

Warning! Spoilers forward for Eternals: Celestia #1

In Marvel Comics’ new Eternals: Celestia, the Everlasting interpreter Ajak calls out the Avengers for residing in a Celestial’s corpse. Generally known as Avengers Mountain based mostly within the North Pole, the present headquarters of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is certainly inside the deceased physique of the Progenitor, the primary Celestial who got here to Earth and introduced life to the world. Being the speaker for the Celestials themselves, Ajak is of course fairly angered by the Avengers’ actions regardless of their claims that the Celestials gifted them the Progenitor’s physique.

In Eternals: Celestia #1 from author Kieron Gillen and artist Kei Zama, Ajak is struggling. Whereas her position amongst the Eternals has sometimes been to translate the phrases of the Celestials, her job has turn out to be quite a bit tougher now that the Celestials don’t have anything to say. Their last message to Ajak was that they’d no additional use for the Eternals, leaving the Celestial speaker at a loss for what she ought to do subsequent, seeing as how her gods have fairly actually deserted her. Nonetheless, she ultimately decides to make a pilgrimage to the North Pole to witness the Progenitor’s physique that was left within the care of the Avengers.

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That being stated, the Everlasting quickly to be performed by Salma Hayek doesn’t like what she finds within the Arctic. Witnessing the Avengers residing inside the Progenitor’s physique, Ajak views their actions as a large desecration of the gods she nonetheless loves regardless of their rejection. Whereas Ghost Rider tries to elucidate that there have been permitted by the Celestials themselves in Jason Aaron’s Avengers #8, this solely angers Ajak extra, seeing as the way it meant that the Celestials deemed to speak to Robbie Reyes relatively than their very own speaker amongst the Eternals. Unable to reconcile what’s she been advised, it appears as if Ajak has simply turn out to be a significant menace to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.


Whereas the Eternals’ speedster Makkari managed to take away Ajak earlier than she killed Ghost Rider, it is fairly clear that the previous speaker for the Celestials is not achieved with the Avengers. Whereas the problem featured flashbacks that noticed her combating the traditional Avengers earlier than seeing their worth as a secondary line of protection for the Earth, Ajak now believes that she made a mistake by letting the Avengers reside. Clearly, that mindset would not bode nicely, and it would not be exhausting to think about Ajak instigating a battle between the Eternals and Avengers within the close to future.

All in all, though the Avengers’ have been gifted the Progenitor’s stays by the Celestials, it is nonetheless kinda bizarre that they’ve primarily been residing inside a lifeless physique on the North Pole since 2018. Whether or not or not the Avengers’ base is a mistake, the ramifications it might have on their relationship with the Eternals is pretty important. The Eternals’ presence within the Marvel Universe is simply going to get stronger with the approaching Eternals movie, so this is hoping the Avengers can discover a technique to clean issues over with Ajak earlier than any form of escalation happens.

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