10 Most Intense Shootouts In Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul

Each Breaking Dangerous and Higher Name Saul are set within the harmful world of the drug commerce. It isn’t unusual for violence to interrupt out at any second, together with with some very intense shootouts. These sequences typically end in a number of the most thrilling moments within the sequence.

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Between regulation enforcement brokers, rival gangs, and offers gone mistaken, the characters in these reveals have confronted loads of hazard. Generally these shootouts had followers cheering in pleasure whereas others led to heartbreaking methods, however all of them stored viewers on the sting of their seats.

10 Declan’s Operation Is Taken Out

Jack kills Declan in Breaking Bad

When Walt lastly decides to step away from the meth-cooking enterprise, a person named Declan steps in to take over the operations. Nevertheless, when the brand new cooking does not match the Heisenberg ranges, Lydia decides to make a change.

Whereas visiting Declan’s operation within the desert, Lydia has Uncle Jack’s crew are available in and wipe out Declan and his males. What makes this shootout fascinating is that it’s only heard as Lydia hides in an underground bunker. Nevertheless, it nonetheless makes for an intense and brutal second.

9 Mike Protects A Cargo

Mike in the back of Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad

Although he’s a person of few phrases, Mike Ehrmantraut is a brilliant strategist who all the time appears to be one step forward of his enemies. So when criminals tries to hijack a cargo Mike is overseeing, it’s clearly not going to finish nicely for them.

The goons are sensible sufficient to guess somebody is hiding at the back of the truck and open hearth into it. However once they open it as much as see, all that’s heard is a few pictures adopted by their our bodies falling out of the truck. It’s a easy scene that highlights Mike as a real badass.

8 The Salamanca Cousins Assault A Rival Gang

Aftermath of shootout with bodies on the ground

With out talking a lot in any respect, the Salamanca cousins set up themselves as a number of the most terrifying villains within the Breaking Dangerous universe. Additionally they seem in Higher Name Saul the place they’re as lethal and reckless as ever.

After listening to their operations have been attacked by a rival gang, the cousins go to the gang’s hideout and assault. Not solely do they kill numerous folks in broad daylight, however they accomplish that with an eerie calm that makes them appear to be they stepped proper out of The Terminator franchise.

7 Mike Saves Saul From The Cartel

Jimmy McGill hides behind a car in Better Call Saul

Given the purchasers that Saul Goodman works with, it is no shock he generally runs into harmful conditions. When he’s tasked with choosing up a package deal within the desert he finds himself held up by one other gang.

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Simply as they’re in regards to the execute Saul, one of many gang members is shot by an unseen shooter. One after the other they’re picked off in a wild and bloody sequence earlier than Mike emerges revealing that he saves Saul. It’s a cheer-worthy second and one other spotlight for Mike.

6 Hank Surprises Tuco

hank and tuco in grilled breaking bad

Although he initially appeared a bit goofy when he was launched, Hank Shrader proves himself the perfect cop on Breaking Dangerous. Not solely is he a talented investigator, however he has dealt with himself in plenty of sticky conditions, corresponding to coming throughout Tuco.

Whereas Hank is out in search of Walt, he runs into the harmful drug lord who’s armed with an enormous gun. For a second, audiences actually assume this may very well be the tip of Hank as he’s very outmatched. However he manages to calm himself sufficient to ship a kill shot on Tuco.

5 Assassins Assault Lalo

Lalo interrogates an assassin in Better Call Saul

Although Lalo was launched later in Higher Name Saul, he turns into probably the most thrilling characters within the sequence. He’s a ruthless and remorseless killer, however when Gus Fring sends a military of assassins to take him out, it is laborious to not root for Lalo.

Although he’s seen as a charismatic and even laidback villain, this sequence proves simply how lethal Lalo is, single-headedly taking out the entire would-be killers with spectacular effectiveness.

4 Mike Takes Revenge On His Son’s Killers

Mike kills two dirty cops in Better Call Saul

Higher Name Saul explores the unhappy backstory of Mike Ehrmantraut, revealing his son was a police officer who was killed by a pair of corrupt cops. Although Mike blames himself for his son’s demise, he takes it upon himself to get revenge on the lads.

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After faking drunk and telling them he is aware of what they did, the soiled cops take Mike with the plan to execute him. However Mike had secretly planted a gun for himself whereas emptying their ammo and shoots down the lads.

3 Jack Corners Hank In The Desert

There are a lot of sequences in Breaking Dangerous happening within the desert however that is probably essentially the most impactful. After Hank lastly catches Walt red-handed, Uncle Jack and his males arrive to save lots of Walt from getting arrested.

As soon as once more, this can be a state of affairs during which Hank is outgunned in addition to outnumbered. The extraordinary standoff is pulse-pounding which then erupts in a deafening shootout to finish the episode. Fairly successfully, solely the aftermath of the shootout is proven, making it clear that Hank has misplaced.

2 Walt Takes Out The Jack And His Crew

After killing Hank, Jack and his crew develop into essentially the most hated villain in Breaking Dangerous. And though his empire has fallen, Walt makes it his mission to make them pay for what they did. The finale concludes with Walt taking very satisfying revenge in opposition to the neo-Nazis.

That is one other scene of practically insufferable build-up because the viewers is aware of that Walt is not assembly with Jack to debate a job. However with that computerized gun pops out of Walt’s drunk and weapons down the whole Nazi headquarters, it is likely one of the most exhilarating moments within the sequence.

1 The Cousins Assault Hank

Hank about to be attacked by the Salamanca Cousins in Breaking Bad

As unhappy as Hank’s final demise was, he had managed to search out his approach out of many harmful conditions earlier than that. When the Salamanca cousins come after Hank for killing Tuco, it’s one other state of affairs during which Hank appears doomed.

It’s a terrifying scene that reveals simply how ruthless the cousins are and the way they need to make Hank undergo. It is usually an amazing show of Hank as a hero as he is ready to assume on his toes and switch the tables on his attackers. All of it culminates in a single surprising demise and Hank rising victorious.

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